Hello world!

Hi – welcome to my blogger – this is my first post in this blog and as this is currently a brand new blog account then you can expect to see many changes in subsequent visits. My banner logo is a 760 x 200 pixel extract from a digitised photo I took with my 35mm Pentax ME Super SLR analogue camera with an smc pentax 50mm ‘M’ f1.7 lens. The scene is boats in Portrush (Northern Ireland) harbour on a misty morning in 1998. As you may have now guessed photography has been one of my interests\hobbies but also I have interests in music and technology (I’m an IT consultant by ‘trade’) as well as various social interests. Eventually I will be providing material from all of my interests over time so it may pay to check back here occasionally if you’re curious.

~ by lenfirewood on May 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Yes i am curious. Interesting techniques. Don’t have a clue regarding the photography, although I utilized a sony camera frequently in a inspection business we have. Some pictures remind me of dreams i may have had. Cool beans!

  2. Thanks for your interest. I too am very much of an amateur – of course digital photography enables almost unlimited experimentation at very little cost. I started out with a film based SLR camera and of course you had to have your film developed and printed before you saw the final results. Now for the hobbyist things are much more convenient and the internet has loads of tutorials on every aspect of photography for no cost whatsoever. I often use a program called the GIMP ( http://www.gimp.org/ ) which is free open source graphic editor with a range of features similar to that found in professional standard commercial graphic editors like Photoshop.With this program you can do everything from minor touch ups to complex layering, masking techniques involving multiple images (composites) – The Spirit of Autumn is an example of using some of the more advanced techniques. The really neat thing is that tutorials and how to’s are readily available for practically any task you can think of no matter how seemingly advanced. Anyway I wish you well with your own endeavours. 🙂

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