colour play space

colour play space, originally uploaded by lenfirewood.

This is a sample of my experiment with the use of a cheap single use 35mm camera and film combo. I got the throwaway from a local discount shop for £1.99 which is a quid or so cheaper than I usually pay for the film alone! When I removed the packaging after leaving the store to use the camera I got a bit of a shock – the camera was an obvious reject that had been repackaged – the camera itself was so badly broken that it had been crudely held together with some black gaffer type tape.!! I had little confidence that it would actually work but I thought for so little outlay I didn’t have much to lose anyway by giving it a try. The camera was supposed to give 27 exposures but after a mere 18 shots it had already reached the end of the film. I took camera and film for processing to the only camera shop in my locality.
With little expectations I picked up the developed prints earlier today and frankly I was a little surprised that was ANYTHING at all to collect given the state of the camera! Anyway the results aren’t exactly what you would expect from even an average SLR and lens but there is a certain charm I think to the finished results. Although it is true I have enhanced the images somewhat by use of simulated hdr tecniques – the original images weren’t too unlike the example above.


~ by lenfirewood on June 23, 2008.

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