Photography is my ‘thang’ at the moment!

Hi – to save readers time figuring out what this blog is about I thought I would give a brief explanation – those who know me also know that my main interests are Music, reading and technology. Another of my hobbies is photography but until fairly recently this is a hobby I have neglected for almost 10 years!
Experimenting with my 3Skypephone camera (a mere 2mgp!) got my interest going when I discovered that a lot of the results were far better than I expected with such a cheap onboard point and shoot camera. I also have an old (but excellent) ‘analogue’ Pentax ME Super SLR but it had not been used for so long that the batteries had long ago drained away. This is now rectified and indeed I have now bought another Pentax (same model etc) but this time with a non standard 28-70mm macro zoom Tokina lens. This gives me a few more options when deciding how to shoot a subject. For the last few weeks I have been scanning in a substantial proportion of my existing colour film prints – and examples of these are now online in both panaramio and flickr (flickr has the most uploads because of it’s greater flexibility). Many of my photos (well most actually except for composite compositions which have often been formed by photos from differing locations!) are now geotagged and I have photos in Cornwall, Bristol, Northern Ireland (mainly Portrush) and of course where I live now in Colwyn Bay, a recent addition was some photos I took during a recent trip to Snowdonia National Park where I examined and explored some disused old slate mines – I had a retired geologist as a companion and guide other wise I would probably never have discovered these old workings. Some of the pics from this trip are now on flickr but I may be posting some of them here ion my blog quite soon. I am hoping to go back to Snowdonia National Park quite soon and this time I hope I will remember not only to take more film but to make sure that I have WOUND IT ON properly! (something which I failed to do with the 2oo asa film I had got for the more darker locations!!). Anyway for the time being expect to see little here except photography and topics on same. At a later date I will no doubt get around to blogging about Music too but for now I am busy enough!! Enjoy. 🙂

~ by lenfirewood on June 24, 2008.

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