I just bought my first Holga!!

Some of you will already know the ‘buzz’ that is going around the photographers hobbyist world about the Holga (a Holga 135BC model)and other similar type cameras. For those who haven’t heard about it – there is an excellent blog from another enthusiast who has done a review of the Holga model I have bought here moominstuff’s Holga 135BC Review . Briefly the Holga is essentially a ‘toy’ camera and the first models were in medium format, the model that I have now bought is their new 35mm format version which uses standard 35mm(135) film print stock – that suits me to the ground as I know I can get lots of cheap rolls of that from our local Boots Chemist down the road.
Why is this camera so attractive to weirdo photographers and hobbyists like myself? Well for one thing the very cheapness of construction especially of the lenses (which excepting some of the newer models) are all made of PLASTIC and these lenses tend to give a distinctive vignetting to photos and other light leaks sometimes from the camera body add a kind of interesting randomness that many of us photography weirdos like. The end results remind me somewhat of photos I once took as a schoolboy with home made ‘pinhole cameras’ and the images often have a dreamlike quality that is usually missing from our usual high end lenses and kits.
The other good thing about this camera is that I will feel it a lot more suitable to use expired or cheap film stock with the Holga which is something that feels like sacrilege to do with my usual old trusty SLR ( a Pentax ME Super)!!
Anyway not much more to write about until the camera arrives and I have produced my first results. don’t worry – readers of this blog will be among the first to sample what I can do (or not!) with this camera and I will be posting some examples here as well as on my flickr account. By the way for those that are curious here is the address of my flickr account Len Firewoods Flickr Account. Watch this space.

By the way if you want to see the Holga pics I have now uploaded here just click this  link or the Holga tag in the tag cloud on the right hand side of this page. If you want to see Holga pics by others hit the holga tag beneath this post.


~ by lenfirewood on June 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “I just bought my first Holga!!”

  1. i know some other “holga” enthusiasts doing cool art with these “toy” cameras!

  2. Yes it was seeing others works with this ‘toy camera’ that inspired me to get one and try it for myself. 🙂

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