Beach Shop in Portrush Harbour.

Portrush Beachshop, originally uploaded by lenfirewood.

Beach shop in Portrush Harbour approx 1997 – taken with my 35mm Pentax MeSuper SLR camera using the smc pentax 50mm M f1.7 lens.
I was fascinated eith tbis beach shop and lost count how many times I photographed it. Odd thing is I don’t remember ever actually buying anything there! lol


~ by lenfirewood on November 27, 2008.

4 Responses to “Beach Shop in Portrush Harbour.”

  1. Thanks for your comment man, so true, I hate photoshopping photos, and sick of see-ing all those “plastic” skins inmagazines. I am however into creating different effects by working with layers and high pass etc.. in photoshop, but what is this GIMP you talk about


  2. Hi thanks for your response – if yuo are already working with ‘layers’ as I do then the GIMP will probably be easy for you to pick up on and learn. Essentially the GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) it is an open source program that runs on several different platforms including apple macs, windows and linux. Of course it’s biggest benefit is that it is completely FREE of charge!!
    It is does not have as slick an interface as more mainstream commercial packages such as photoshop but I personally didn’t find it awkward or difficult to get used to and it has many free plugins available to extend it’s functionality.
    If you want to download it or just check it out for yourself you can details and downloads from here:

  3. Sorry I bumped you. Love this shot. Best, Jump

  4. Hi fadingad – now worries about the bumps – it’s all good clean fun! lol Glad you liked the shot of the beach shop – that shop had a fascination for me and I have loads more pics of it that I haven’t even scanned in yet! 🙂

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