Boats in Portrush Harbour (GIMP’d)

This is one of my photos taken with my Pentax MESuper in around 1998 after processing in the GIMP. Again I am experimenting with texture and colour saturation using layer masking techniques.

~ by lenfirewood on November 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Boats in Portrush Harbour (GIMP’d)”

  1. yes the color in these images is gorgeious!

    btw, i bumped you again–there’s some sites on alpha junking up the joint–looking forward to seeing yours again!

  2. Hi artpredator – no worries about the bumping it’s all part of the fun (lol) and I take it in good spirit. Thanks for your appreciation of my colour work – it’s nice to have others appreciate your vision as I’m sure you will already know. 🙂

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