afternoon tea (with fake TTV)

afternoon tea (with fake TTV), originally uploaded by lenfirewood.

Again I have ‘aged’ the original photo using the GIMP and picnik so to better suit the fake TTV image (by Leahleaf) that I have layer masked over the photo.


~ by lenfirewood on December 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “afternoon tea (with fake TTV)”

  1. I really like this image. It’s very comforting: the books, the lighting, the desk. I’m not sure that I recognize what TTV stands for. Would you mind explaining?

  2. Hi poietes ‘TTV’ stands for ‘Through The Viewfinder’ – it is a technique of using a modern (digital) camera to shoot through the viewfinder lens of say an old medium format camera. I have given a fuller explanation with links to help get you started in response to your other comment on my ‘Flower Bell’ picture. 🙂

  3. Perfect image for a TTV, however, I must say the original is a superb photo and one of my favs.

  4. Thanks Malice – this is one of may favourite photos taken with my Pentax also.

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