Frosty bridge

Frosty bridge, originally uploaded by lenfirewood.

Cameraphone pic taken on my way for a lunchtime pint! 😉


~ by lenfirewood on January 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Frosty bridge”

  1. OK, Len, tell me the truth … Did you take a photo where there was a frosty bridge and green grass in the background because the shadows prevented the bridge from thawing … or … did you have fun with this photo like you did the one with the “planet?”
    Your photos are so much fun, because I always feel like I am looking at a puzzle that I must solve! Seriously, it is really fun the way that you and your camera toy with the mind.

    Happy New Year … I broke my toe on New Year’s Eve, by the way, and am still nursing it!
    Heidi Rafferty
    Harrodsburg, KY USA

  2. Hi Heidi – when I have tinkered with a photo I invariably mention it in the photo description. In this case no tinkering at all was required – the bridge lies at the bottom of a very small ‘valley’ and so yes this section didn’t catch much of the sun (at least at the time I took the photo).
    Sorry to hear about your broken toe – I hope it heals soon but at least you have time for other things perhaps while ‘nursing’ your toe. A silver lining to every cloud and all that… lol
    Happy New Year Heidi and I’m really flattered that my photos cause so much (interesting I hope!)intrigue. 🙂

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