castle folly

castle folly, originally uploaded by lenfirewood.

There are two routes I can take to the pub – this is a photo from the more scenic of the two. The ‘castle’ is a real home occupied by a local family. Some colour corrections done in picnik (well the original was only from a cameraphone!)

~ by lenfirewood on January 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “castle folly”

  1. You know what, when I see photos like this my breath is just taken away. Here in America, we see something built in 1800 and think, “WOW, THAT IS SO OLD.” And then I see a photo like this and I think, “How lucky is Len that he gets to walk past history on his way to the pub.” What a charmed moment in your daily life. I have been watching “The Tudors” 1st season on DVD, and there are a lot of scenes like this in that movie.For Americans, these types of things are only what we see in our imaginations, certainly not part of our daily landscape. I need to get on an airplane and go see these things in person!!!
    Thanks for sharing this … it brightened up my day today.

  2. Hi Heidi – there is a truly historic castle not far from here called ‘Conwy Castle’ ( ) I am well overdue for another visit but this time armed with my cameras. With some luck I may get down there next week and hopefully the weather will be fine enough to do the shots justice. I will of course be putting photos here and in my flickr account.

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