walk with body fly with mind…

walk with body fly with mind…, originally uploaded by lenfirewood.

This photo has made it into the Twitsnaps “Hall Of Fame” ( http://tinyurl.com/oau8ck ) and I hadn’t posted it here before now. Taken with my 3Skypephone 2mgp mobile phone camera.

~ by lenfirewood on May 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “walk with body fly with mind…”

  1. that’s incredible! I love the intense blue, though there is something a little scarey about the light. (Maybe it is just me!)Is this just a straight photo from ur mobile? Wow!

  2. Hi Linda – yes the sky was rather intense but it was late afternoon if I remember right and the sky tends to be a deeper blue then. I did do some enhancements in picnik but that was mainly to add the slight vignetting effect. The other factor that may make it seem almost disturbing is the deliberate skewed angle of the shot with most of the picture being taken up with sky – this can be an almost vertiginous experience for some folks. 🙂

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