Mirror Mirror..Toronto style…

Mirror Mirror..Toronto style…, originally uploaded by lenfirewood.

This building in downtown Toronto enhanced it’s visual prescence with the strong mirror effect of all its windows. The editing of the image in the GIMP and AVIARY reflects this quality (pardon the near pun), 🙂 (interesting when viewed in its larger sizes – but that is a maater of taste and opinion)


~ by lenfirewood on August 23, 2012.

4 Responses to “Mirror Mirror..Toronto style…”

  1. Many times in my life, I’ve waited for the streetcar just across the street from where you took the picture. Recognized it right away. 🙂
    Nice texture effect.

  2. Wow did not realise you lived there – I had a fair bit of time to kill between conferences (I attended one in Montreal also) so could have met for a coffee. I am sure we both have some very entertaining experiences to share 🙂

  3. Let me know if you’re going to be in Toronto again. Coffee would be great, no matter what the ElevatorGate crowd would say! 🙂

  4. Sure – it’s a deal! 🙂

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